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  Preventing Blood Clots While Traveling

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When you think of blood clots and traveling, you probably think of deep vein thrombosis brought on by air travel. But did you know that any journey of four hours or more, whether by air, car, bus, coach, train or boat, carries the same risk of DVT and blood clots? What is Deep Vein Thrombosis? […]

  Winter: The Perfect Season for Varicose Vein Treatment

Posted on

As the nights draw in and the temperature plummets, most of switch into hibernation mode. The urge to get cozy is strong during the winter months—we like to wrap ourselves in blankets, stay indoors and snuggle up on the sofa while the winds howl and the snows fall. It’s easy to think that attending to […]

  How Can You Reduce Your Risk of Developing Spider Veins?

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Spider veins are the smaller—but no less unsightly—cousin of varicose veins. These small clusters of veins are closer to the surface of the skin than varicose veins, and typically appear either red or blue, branching out like a tree. In some cases only a small patch of skin is involved; in others, the visible spider […]

  Make Fibroids Smaller With Natural Treatments

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Natural Treatments to Make Fibroids Smaller Fibroids are non-cancerous growths or tumors that appear on either the outside or the inside of the uterus. They are more likely to show up, during the menstruation cycle. At times, these tumors can make themselves known with a lot of pain and excessive bleeding. It is important to […]

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