Peripheral Vascular Disease: Signs, Symptoms, and Lifestyle Changes

With the number of seniors in Miami, it stands to reason that some portion of them might, at some point, be afflicted with peripheral arterial disease. This is because millions of older Americans all across the country have this disease where arteries can be blocked in the arms and legs that can cause pain when walking even the smallest of distances. Yet half of those who have the condition don’t know it because they may be dealing with other afflictions like hip or joint pain and don’t care to walk that much anyway. Consequently, many seniors with peripheral arterial disease in Miami don’t get treated for it, putting themselves at risk for a heart attack, stroke or even death. So, for millions of seniors all over South Florida, it stands to reason that being sedentary can prove deadly. 

Luckily, there are a few ways to check for PAD. The most common test to check for PAD is the ankle-brachial index—a test that compares the blood pressure in the ankle with the blood pressure in the arm. Another way is the use of Ultrasound to check your cholesterol and homocysteine levels.  


The good news is that with a few simple lifestyle changes (we agree—some are simpler to implement—others not so much!). But with just a little effort, you should see a marked improvement in just a few weeks. Try these tips:  

  • Put on your sneakers and start moving or dancing! Yes, exercise more frequently. But please consult your doctor first and start out slowly. Did you know that simply taking a walk around the block has been shown to decrease symptoms in just 4-8 weeks? Leg exercises three times a week can also help. Start slowly and when it starts to hurt push a little further every day. 
  • Eat your fruits and veggies! Consider a low-fat diet that includes lots of healthy choices to help lower your cholesterol. 
  • You may need medication. Your doctor may prescribe common cholesterol medications such as statins to help lower your cholesterol levels.  
  • Stop smoking! You’ve heard it before. But now your health is really on the line. Stop smoking!  It goes without saying that this will help improve your quality of life in multiple ways. Research shows that giving up the habit will slow the progression of Peripheral Vascular Disease and other heart-related afflictions exponentially. You’re never too old. It can be beneficial at any age to stop smoking. There are so many aids out on the market now from prescription medication to patches that can help. 

Studies show that the average age at which peripheral arterial disease (PAD) affects seniors in Miami is 70, but may occur earlier in those with diabetes or who still smoke. More than 80 percent of people with the condition are current or former smokers. If you suspect that you have Peripheral Arterial Disease in Miami, don’t wait a moment longer to call Palm Beach Vascular Center Miami at (305) 763-8734 for a free consultation. Be proactive and take a step towards improving your health today!  You can also visit for more information. 

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