Are you suffering from peripheral arterial disease in Miami? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common condition, but not all those who have peripheral arterial disease experience the symptoms. The main cause of the disease is due to plaque that builds up in the arteries. Those arteries are responsible for carrying blood throughout the body. Plaque is a nasty substance made up of calcium, fibrous tissue, cholesterol, fat, and more. The more chemicals that acquire, the more that builds up. Then, oxygen doesn’t flow properly to the organs, causing numbness, cramping, and pain. Thankfully, there are many treatment options available to those looking for a cure to their peripheral arterial disease in Miami.  

To Avoid Peripheral Arterial Disease in Miami, Change the Lifestyle  

The way we live our lives determines our future. The same is true for the foods we put in our body and the amount of exercise we give it. The less conscious we are about our intake, the more likely we are to develop terrible traits. Changing the diet to lower cholesterol foods and less fat can significantly benefit overall health and future state of mind.  

Medications and Minimally Invasive Procedures  

There are numerous medications that can be subscribed to help break up the plague building up and causing pain. Other medications that may be prescribed are medications to lower blood pressure, control blood sugar, and prevent blood clots. Alternatively, there are minimally invasive procedures that can handle the issue with care in a timely manner. Thanks to modern science, procedures take only a few hours and the recovery time is quite quick. Angioplasty is the most common procedure, which includes a small tube that is placed into the artery collecting plague. There is a small balloon on the end up that tube which inflates the artery and pushes the plague along the wall of the artery. This will also aid in getting more oxygen to the rest of the organs.  

What are the Symptoms of Peripheral Arterial Disease in Miami?  

  • Coldness in the leg or foot  
  • Sores on toes, feet, and legs  
  • Hair loss and slow hair loss on lower extremities  
  • Shiny skin on the legs  
  • Leg pain while walking
  • Leg numbness
  • Change of color in the legs  

If you’ve been told that you have peripheral arterial disease in Miami, now is the time to act. The longer you let it build up, the worse it will get. By making a simple phone call to the experts at Palm Vascular Centers, you can start your journey to healing! They’ll provide you with an assessment, and let you know how severe your case is. From there, a course of action will be written out, and everyone can move forward. After the minimally invasive procedure, you can get back to a pain-free and healthier lifestyle! Call Palm Vascular Centers today at 954-315-2000. Your best life is waiting for you.  

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