Effectively Treat Your Rest Pain in Miami Beach

When you’re hurting, it’s hard to know how to treat it and who to see. Luckily, at Palm Vascular Center Miami Beach, our trained and knowledgeable medical staff is here to assist you if you’re struggling with rest pain in Miami Beach, or are dealing with peripheral artery disease. Don’t let the pain consume you and don’t allow your condition to worsen, we’re here for you in this vulnerable time.  

Treat Rest Pain in Miami Beach at Palm Vascular Center 

Our state-of-the-art facility counts with all of the equipment and resources you will need to get your rest pain in Miami Beach, properly treated. We know this is a worrisome issue for many, especially if you lack the knowledge and are unsure about the safe and effective solutions available to handle it with the care and attention it calls for. This is why at Palm Vascular Center, it is so crucial for us to inform our patients about all of the viable ways they can property deal with their condition. 

What is Rest Pain in Miami Beach and What Causes It? 

Put simply, rest pain is the constant burning, tearing and sharp or shooting sensation that an individual gets on their lower extremities. This pain typically takes place in your toes, feet and legs. Rest pain Miami Beach is caused by ischemia which is reduced blood flow. At times, rest pain is a symptom of arterial disease in the lower extremities. When the inner lining of the blood cells gets damaged, the damaged blood cells cause cholesterol and other lipids to build up around the arterial wall. The lining becomes a lot rougher and thicker and gradually develops into ischemia. 

Call Us to Treat Your Rest Pain in Miami Beach 

Palm Vascular Center offers several minimally invasive procedures to treat peripheral artery disease and other vascular disease conditions. Some of our treatments include: dialysis access management (fistulogram, angioplasty, and arterial stenting) and much more. Our personnel and board-certified physicians are highly trained and equipped in these areas of medicine. When you’re looking to treat your rest pain in Miami Beach, contact Palm Vascular Center at (305) 763-8734. We’re happy to help you in your journey to a healthy and happy life.

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