Varicose & Spider Vein Treatment

At Palm Vascular Centers, we offer a variety of treatments for varicose and spider veins, determined by your vascular specialist upon consult and dependent upon the severity of the condition. All of our procedures are minimally invasive with a quick recovery time, so you may return to your normal daily activities within hours.

varicose-vein-treatment-west-palm-before (1) varicose-vein-treatment-west-palm-after (1)

Radiofrequency Ablation

Using a catheter, your vascular specialist will heat up the inside of the problem vein–leading to the growth of scar tissue in the vein. This blocks the flow of blood through the targeted vessel and it is rerouted to other vessels in the body, closing off ablated vein permanently.


In the case of much smaller veins just beneath the surface, treatment can be as easy as several small incisions in the skin through which the vein is physically removed. This is done with local anesthesia and is a very quick procedure.


In the case of sclerotherapy, a coagulating agent is injected into the vein, stopping blood flow and effectively closing the vessel.

Venous Stenting

In cases of venous insufficiency due to venous compression of deep veins, we may employ a stent. Like the arterial stents mentioned on our PAD page, these are metal mesh tubes used to provide support to the vessel, and are placed permanently.