Exercises to Minimize Leg Pain in Miami Beach

There are many conditions that cause leg pain in Miami Beach, but what if part of the reason has to do with low blood pressure to the lower extremities? Peripheral artistry disease and atherosclerosis are only two examples. If you’re looking to improve the blood flow in your legs to reduce discomfort, here are a few you can try.  

Walking is Excellent for Reducing Leg Pain in Miami Beach 

Walking is fantastic for many things, one of which is leg pain. It doesn’t take much to feel the effects! A simple half hour will leave many individuals feeling refreshed and ready to go. However, there are cases where walking can be uncomfortable for those with more severe issues.

Try Yoga for Leg Pain in Miami Beach 

If walking is quite taxing, you can try yoga. Yoga works to stretch the body, and there are multiple different classes. Some offer higher-intensity workouts, while others are solely meant for rejuvenation and stretching. The movements of yoga can help get blood flow moving to your legs, making you feel better after each class. 

Sit with Feet Flat 

Did you know that the way you sit can also be beneficial to your circulation? Sitting with your feet on the floor is always better than sitting with your legs crossed. Also ensuring that you get up to move from time to time is helpful. You can also set your feet on a stool to elevate your legs. You can place your feet on pillows while you sleep as well to assist the spine and increase circulation while you rest. Last, but certainly not least, compression stockings help to mimic the movement of walking. If you work somewhere where you’re required to stand often, this could be a healthy option.  

At Palm Vascular Centers, we specialize in vascular disease, spider veins, peripheral arterial disease, and more. We’re a team of board-certified Vascular and Radiology specialists here to help you when you need assistance the most. If leg pain in Miami Beach is becoming too much, call us at (305) 763-8734 today to find a solution to your discomfort!

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