How to Know You’re in Need of a Uterine Fibroid Embolization in Miami Beach

First, let’s better understand what uterine fibroids are. Fibroids are tumors, usually benign, that grow within the walls of the uterus. It’s important to know that not all women will carry symptoms, but for the ones that do, the situation can be incredibly painful. There are numerous signs, for those that show them, that can lead a person to needing a uterine fibroid embolization in Miami Beach. In this article, we’ll pinpoint the painful symptoms that many women have. Not knowing what’s going on with your body can be scary, but knowledge is beyond helpful.  

Detect the Signs for a Uterine Fibroid Embolization in Miami Beach  

As mentioned, there are numerous side effects of these tumors in the uterus wall. Women generally experience heavy bleeding. Sometimes, the bleeding is so much, that they can begin to feel anemic. This is simply no way to live life, especially when anemia can make one nauseous and tired. Other symptoms include loss of appetite, feeling of fullness, frequent urination, pain during intercourse, lower back pain, infertility, and more. Either these discomforts will start appearing, or they’ll be detected by a doctor.  

Another common question women have is what causes fibroids. Unfortunately, nobody knows for sure, but what they do know is that they’re incredibly common. 20%-80% of women will experience fibroids by the time they’re in their fifties. Researchers tend to think that fibroids are caused by hormonal changes as a woman gets older, or genetic patterning.  

Treatment: What is a Uterine Fibroid Embolization?  

The treatment method is fortunately an outpatient procedure. A woman simply calls the nearest vascular specialist, and from there, they schedule their appointment. There are numerous different approaches to treating pain fibroids, but one of the most common ways is UFE. UFE is a thin tube that is put into the blood vessels. Tiny particles, also known as embolic agents, are injects and sent to the fibroid. It blocks the supply of flood to the tumor and starves it. The procedure only takes an hour and light anesthetics!  

If you’re looking for a location to tell you more about a uterine fibroid embolization in Miami Beach, contact Palm Vascular Centers today. Linda Hughes, MD, is Broward County’s only female physician who offers the treatment. She is available at both of our locations! However, all of our specialists are board certified in vascular and intervention radiology. They’re also all specialists in their respected fields. Whether you’re looking for assistance with the fibroids, peripheral arterial disease, dialysis access management, or blood clots, our team can assist.  

Call Palm Vascular Centers today to schedule your uterine fibroid embolization in Miami Beach. When you choose the experts, you can rest at ease knowing that your surgeries and procedures are being handled with the upmost care! We can’t wait to bring you the peace your body deserves.  

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