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Patient Testimonials

See what our patients thought about their experience with us.

My grandma was having leg pain so her doctor told us to see some vascular specialists at Palm Vascular Center. They doctors were very knowledgable and gave us great advice! The staff was super friendly and the center was beautiful and clean. I did wait a little longer than we wanted but it was well worth it. After getting treatment she is back on her feet dancing! I highly recommend seeing these doctors!!

Eric R.

Excellent clean vascular center! I send my patients there for vascular work up and studies. Very knowledgeable skilled physicians with state of the art equipment with latest technology. Highly recommended! Transportation is available so it’s very convenient

Nooshin Z.

I recently took an elderly family member of mine to a Vascular Specialist that we were referred to by our primary care physician for severe leg pain that she was having. My aunt began the process quite nervous however after meeting the staff at Palm Vascular and consulting w/ Dr. Martinez she seemed more excited than ever to get rid of the pain that had cramped her legs for the past few years. Flash forward a month and my aunt is pain free as well as overjoyed from her experience!


I sing the praises of Dr. Michael Rogoff every chance I get. I tell everyone I come upon with arterial blockage that HE IS THE ONE to fix the problem. Four years ago my dearest elderly mother faced amputation of her legs. Several top specialists in South Florida were recommending that. Enter amazing Dr. Rogoff and all hope was ours! With his caring, positive attitude and top-notch surgical skills he cleared one leg and then the other. Thanks to his divine intervention…. he kept her alive!

Ana A.

MOST WONDERFUL DOCTOR. THE BEST. Couldn’t walk 10 minutes before terrible leg pain forced me to stop. Many doctors said nothing can be done. Dr. Rogoff’s SKILLS were a Godsend. Quite frankly he changed my life. I was heading towards an amputation. After his magic I can WALK ALL DAY. Everyday I thank God for this fine doctor. By the way, I know how to assess MDs and surgeons as I have practiced orthopedic surgery for 37 years. Can still operate because of him. Thank you.

Edward L.

Dr. Rogoff is a wonderful, professional, warm and caring physician. He took as much time with me as was needed and answered questions in a clear and understandable way. He made me feel like I was the only patient he was working with during our appointment. He is very confident and that made me feel secure. I had angioplasty done and left feeling like I could walk again after a year of severe discomfort. His staff was everything a patient could hope for. Dr. Rogoff and his staff should be commended.


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Are you tired of visiting endless hospitals just to be told time and time again that you’ll need to return? Are you tired of taking sick days to recover from serious surgeries? Are you running out of money and time trying to make time for your health? If these are questions you’ve recently been asking yourself, maybe it’s time to try something different. At Palm Vascular Centers, we provide effective minimally invasive procedures that will leave you recovering less, and living your life more. Some of our specialties include:

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) 
  • Comprehensive Dialysis Access Procedures  
  • Uterine Fibroid Embolization  
  • Varicose Vein Treatment  
  • Spider Vein Treatment  
  • IVC Filter Placement  
  • IVC Filter Retrieval  
  • & More!  

We believe that when it comes to vascular care, residents shouldn’t have to sacrifice their quality of life. With our team, you can bring your needs, worries, and issues to the forefront. We’ll review your case, and let you know what we believe is your best course of action. Sometimes, there are cases that require surgery. However, there are also many times where Palm Vascular Centers provide a simpler solution. Our team is known for being incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and caring. When you come to our offices, you can rest at ease knowing that you and your loved ones will be treated like family.  

If you’re ready to try a new approach to healing, reach out to Palm Vascular Centers today at (954) 315-2000. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. If you’re wondering how other clients felt about their procedures at Palm Vascular Centers, you can read our raving reviews at! Don’t let your vascular disease get you down. For a comprehensive, safe, and innovative technique, make Palm Vascular Centers your next call.

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